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P5Q mobo driver/utilities limited connection?


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I recently rebuilt a computer with a P5Q mobo and a new PS.(old PS fried the old mobo)

O/S is Vista 64 Business...

AVG free antivirus

When I check the port on the P5Q system, it shows the port to be closed. But my other 4 computers show the port open.

I have tried turning off all vista protections(UAC, firewall, etc..) and nothing changes.

I have another computer that uses a gigabyte mobo and the ONLY difference in the 2 systems is the mobo, PS, and HD's in the system.

Everything else about the systems is completely the same...including O/S, antivirus. I have checked all setting between the 2 systems to make sure they completely match and they all do...but the P5Q system still doesn't want to work.

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