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stop go. to initial or not to. Speeds vary from 0 to 175bkps then down


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OK a whole host of issues with 1.7.7...sorry

I create a torrent in Utorrent for PB. All is correct.

I post the newly created torrent at PB. I download the PB torrent and overwrite or add the PB torrent hence the overwrite.

A upd url appears and and under tracker> far right top and in general, it flashes back and forth invalid url

When I delete the upd://url from the list, the flashing invalid url goes away.



udp://tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce < the downloaded tracker that I posted.

This are in the window of the file properties.


When seeding the newly made torrent, the speeds vary greatly, from 0 to 250 kbps back to 0.

20mbps down and 1,582 up

So why the inconsistantcies?

I check and uncheck intial seems to be no great difference

My port is set at 57000 and is true.

enabled encryption checked

no router

Why do downloaders drop in and out?

DHT is disabled as is peer exchange

enabled UPnP and NAT-PMP


So what am I missing here.

How to I increase the up speed.

How do I make the incoming connections stay instead of dropping off ( in and out stop)?

Are my settings as explained correct?

The replacement of torrent created with Utorrent by site's torrent proper?

The removal of udp// to rid my Utorrent of Invalid URL is that proper?


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