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Main PC = 50kbs, PC using wifi = 1.2MBs.


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That's like, insane.

Basically the problem is, I'm downloading a torrent, and it will get to about 30kbs, then drop/raise, and never gets past 70kbs.

So I go upstairs to my dad's pc, and try the exact same torrent, and hits 1.2MBs+.

How the hell is that even happening?

I tried using the same port as him and everything, and the rest of his settings are on default.

They're both running Norton Internet Security 2009, and both running the same settings.

I'll admit, I am using a WRT54GS, and I DID see the sticky, but the link is broken, and when I did find it, it was awfully layed out, and I honestly have no clue what version of the router I have.

So sorry for this if it's one of those 'oh god another person with this problem' question, but I'm just extremely annoied at the fact that I get 50kbs, instead of 1.2 like my dad, using the same bloody connection.

Any idea how to fix this?



I should add that I'm running Vista Home Premium, and he's running XP home, incase that makes a difference.

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