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utorrent is wrecking my head!!


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hi all,

im having trouble using utorrent and need some help please. I've gone through all of Ultima's troubleshooting guides but to no avail.

Of all the torrents i try to download (from isohunt and mininova), I can normally only get around 1 out of every 50 to download. Everything else goes red immediately. Is this typical??

I've pasted some examples below. My torrents normally either display

1) DHT/LocalPeerDiscovery/PeerExchange=not allowed, and 'connection closed by peer'

2) DHT=waiting for announce, LocalPeerDiscovery/PeerExchange=working, and 'connection closed by peer'

or 3) 'connection to tracker not allowed'

...even though the torrent description is usually green and shows plenty of seeds??

If anyone has any advice or has any idea whats going on I'd really appreciate if you could get back to me, thanks! (i can email screenshots if this helps, not sure how to paste them here!)

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