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Speed Problems.....Not a newbie..........honest


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I have been using utorrent for a few years now. Two nights ago everything was fine, good speeds upto 400kbps downloads. Not bad for me. Today nothing but a max of 10kbps. I have a green light but now it says the port is not open. Very peculiar.

Port has been open for a looooooong time. But if the port is not open then why is the green light showing!!!!

I have now turned of my BThomehub firewall to see if that helps (left Vista Firewall on and yes it is all set up correctly). It now accepts the port but the speeds are still only reaching a max of 10kbps.

I am trying to download files that have thousands of seeds so they are not rare obscure files with 1 seed and 2 leechers.

Please, please can you assist.

Oh i have done the speed guide and i was getting 1215kbps download and 321kbps upload.

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do they just throttle randomly cause again yesterday i had super speeds and then they dropped drastically. port is still open, in fact i have left my pc wide open........ getting good speeds today at what i thought would be a peak time. very peculiar this throttling business.

cheers for your feedback. :)

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