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Some basic UI suggestions...


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Thank you so much to the people that ported this to the mac......... long time to wait but worth it too........

Let utorrent to have the file association of .torrent files.

And could you bring back the block animation to see which pieces of the files are saved (it was in the older mac utorrent versions) i prefer it better to the bar.

Update: could you also bring back the stars for the swarm? and instead of the client automatically downloading straight away, make it bring up a windows to ask what you want to download.

Mac type: iMac

Internals: Core Duo, radeon x1600, Ram 2GB, HDD 500GB

OS: 10.5.5

Are you guys testing this on 10.6?



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Just FYI, on OS X, in order to set uTorrent to default app for .torrent files, you simply have to right click a torrent file, select "Get Info", then go down to "Open With" section of the window, expand it if it's not expanded, select uTorrent from the drop down box, then select "Change All." For now on, double clicking on .torrents will automatically open them with uTorrent, rather than whatever they were previously set to. Finally, if that doesn't seem to work for some reason, go to Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility. When that opens, select your hard drive, go to the "First Aid" tab, and select "Repair Disk Permissions." That step shouldn't be necessary, but may be in some cases, it was the case for me with setting VLC for default media player. Anyways, hope this helps.

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RelievedSimpleto, I know that but like in the windows version it has a option to "reclaim .torrent file association to utorrent" thats what should be put in utorrent for mac os x so you don't need to do it manually.

Thanks for the heads up even though i knew.

Update: Just put the .torrent file association to utorrent and it crashed the Finder and Dock at the same time.

(its already been said)

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The option to always ask where to download after opening a torrent is relatively high priority for us.

We probably won't bring back the stars for the swarm (they might look nice but really don't provide useful information) or the old progress download visualization.

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