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Several bugs discovered so far


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First off, message to the developers:

THANK YOU!!! FINALLY!!!! :) Seriously...thank you. You've done a fantastic job.

My specs:

2.6 GHz 17" Macbook Pro (last version before latest Macbook releases)

Leopard 10.5.5 with all latest Software Updates applied


My report:

For the most part, the app runs quickly, quietly, and efficiently. I downloaded a torrent file, and uTorrent (which was open at the time) automatically picked it up perfectly and added it to the download list. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the download speeds ramped up and how quickly seeds and peers were acquired.

Here's my bug report:

1. When opening uTorrent from Applications for the first time, it didn't actually open to the front. Instead it remained hidden behind some windows. Only after quitting it and then opening it again, and all subsequent times, did it open to the front so I could see it.

2. I had one active download going. I chose Quit uTorrent from the menu. The app took about 10 seconds at least to close. Once it did, I still had the uTorrent icon, appearing to be active, in the Dock. It only disappeared after about a minute.

3. I have my Applications folder in my Dock, just to the left of my Trash can, for easy access to my applications (it's set to display as a Folder, not a Stack). If I click on it and look for uTorrent.app, it's there; but instead of the small green uTorrent logo, there's just the generic Mac icon that stands for "can't find this app's actual icon".

4. I have my colours set so that the highlight colour is orange. With that setting, and with a downloading torrent selected in the main window, it's almost impossible to read the text that says how many files are contained in the torrent (like "2 files" or however many files are in the torrent). Some kind of colour intelligence may need to be introduced, for users with non-standard colour schemes?

Other than these....so far, so good. Excellent, excellent job!!! I'm looking forward to seeing how the beta comes along and develops.


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I can confirm Dave's #2. The OS continued to think utorrent was still open for several minutes after I had quit, showing up both in my dock and in the alt-tab options but never allowing me to actually activate it. Force quitting had no effect, but it did eventually quit without throwing any errors/prompts. Was only downloading one torrent, and it had only been open momentarily.

Other than that, great work, feels like a mac app and still has most everything I've come to expect from utorrent on the pc.

I only have to ask one thing: no labels? I hope that will be in for the first full release as a torrent client without a category system is useless to me.


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Closing all torrent apps on OS X takes longer than you think. I'd imagine it has to do with disk i/o. You can have 100 torrent jobs listed or started OR only 1, it takes the same length of time. But yeah it takes longer to close mac uT than Windows uT.

Regarding all the missing resources, I'm sure it has to do with re-linking the specific graphics to the locations.

I fervently believe in #4, where the UI shouldn't interfere no matter your choice of colors. However unless there's an actual mechanism to customize the colors, you're stuck the same as on Windows. But still remember, this is pre-release software.

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@thelittlefire: There is an issue where if you quit utorrent, it doesn't close right away and needs to be quitted a second time to close right away. It's not a matter of having to complete I/O or anything else along those lines.

And there is a mechanism to change the highlight color. System Preferences -> Appearance and change "Highlight Color". I have mine set to Graphite for example. While canadave has it set to Orange according to his post.

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I'm sorry I wasn't trying to imply you COULD NOT change the color, I was saying that the same limitations happen on the Windows build. There are certain understood things, like what certain colors mean (green = good/done, red = bad/error), and from the sound of it it may mean users/the developers need to come to some agreement as to what goes well with all the presets for the color spectrum provided. Anyone who would choose a custom color should be able to do so. Whether they can change the internal uT colors... is still limited to the core being used.

As far as the closing problem, it's been the same for all torrent apps I've used on this Leopard install over all versions. I don't have to quit uTorrent for Mac a second time.. never have. Both Transmission and uTorrent take longer to close than simply the window disappearing.

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Thanks for the bug report.

Re 1: I don't think I ever saw that problem. Will keep an eye on it.

Re 2: slow shutdown is inherent in how a torrent application works. At the very least we need to save all incoming data buffered in memory to disk. In order to be good citizens, we also want to cleanly close all connections to peers, tell the tracker that we're no longer active etc.

I chose to simply hide the windows during this (possibly lengthy) shutdown process to hide this from the user but it looks like many people consider this a bug that the process still shows in dock.

At some point we might add some more explicit way to show that shutdown is going on.

Re 3: I suspect our icon file isn't completely up to the standards. Will look into it.

Re 4: the bug has been logged but it's probably will be a low priority compared to all the other things we need to do.

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continue on with bug report .... keeping the selected torrent highlighted in GUI; which corresponds with another torrent file activating send/receive mode.

Have seen the dock icon stay active for some time after quite program, but this happens when uT/Mac has ran for more than 12 hrs and drops all connections but some noise @ .1-.5 kB/s, the current method is reset router and runs fine until the next 12.

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