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Two little bugs


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My english is not quit good, so this I gonna use images hopping you'll understand me (:


Step by step (easy way to write)

1. Click on small little green light (or whatever color it is)

2. The preference pannel will open


3. The tab highlighted is the last one selected. (It can be the "Network if is was the last one you used").

Obs.: Other way to see the bug.

1. Open the Preferences

2. Select any option but the Network

3. Click on green light

4. Same weirdo thing.


Another bug.

Again, step by step.

1. View >> Customize Toolbar

2. View >> Hide Sidebar

3. Nothing happens. (There's at least three solution to this. Make the link unable is the lazy one :P)


Not a bug.

Use Small Size does (almost) nothing. It's useless anyway.

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