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Network Share problems... please help!


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Ive recently built a second system to run purely torrent / p2p apps....

Im using the latest uTorrent 1.4, and the default download dir is a network share on my main machine.

This all works fine, infact it works alot faster than when I had utorrent just on my main machine. The problem is, recently my main machine has had a few problems, and has crashed a few times. When it crashes, or simply when i restart the machine (its always on otherwise), then obviously the uTorrent computer cant access the network share.

Each torrent comes up with "Cannot find file" or something like that, cant quite remember, and they all stop. Once my main pc is back up, I can click Start on all of the torrents and they all resume perfectly every time.

What I need, is uTorrent to 'Resume' these torrents on its self? I dont want to have to remote desktop to the other machine every time this happens, is there anyway of changing this? like getting the torrents to 'Automatically try to start every 5 mins' or something, as that would do the job!

Please help!


Btw, in a few months when I can afford it I will be buying a 400gb drive and putting it directly on the uTorrent box, stashed away in the attic somewhere as a MediaServer etc.... thus solving the problem. but i need a fix in the mean time!

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