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A few requests!


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So happy to have uTorrent on mac!

A few things would make it great:

1. When you want to right click something (a torrent in the torrent list to remove it, or a file inside the torrent in the "files" tab down the bottom), it doesn't select what ever you are clicking. You have to left click it first and THEN right click.

It'd be better if the file was selected as you right click it, if you know what I mean.

2. It would be great for uTorrent to put incomplete files in a user specified folder and then completed files get moved to a different user specified folder. The PC version has this, and it's great.

3. The option to append a different extension to incomplete files would be great. Then I know at a glance in finder whether it's a finished file and whether it can be opened or not.

I mentioned this is the bugs area, but my finder crashes if I double click a torrent file that is associated to uTorrent.

Also the torrent file associated to uTorrent doesn't have an icon. Just an icon that looks like a blank piece of paper.

It opens fine if I right click the torrent file and say "Open With" -> "uTorrent (default program)"

Otherwise a great program!

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Re 1: yes I know what you mean and I would prefer this behavior as well. However, this seems to be a default system behavior for selection so I'm not sure if it's possible to change it.

Re 2 and 3: our ultimate goal is to reach parity with Windows version so those features will probably get implemented. It'll just take time.

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