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UTorren Config


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Thanks for that, I've try'd forwarding my ports but cant find them anyware. Ive rang NTL World tec support and all he could tell me is the ports they block :- 137,138,139,445,593,1433,1434,27374. I'm trying hard to sort this but am struggling, please help.

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forward port...20103 (random non-blocked number)

your upload is only 11kB/s?! damn... well, cap your upload at..6. any higher and you won't be able to browse the net

I'd say 100 connections max, 50 per torrent, 2 upload slots

hm... 1, maybe 2 torrents max. max dl's: 1

start with those settings, and tweak them to your needs.

if I were you, I'd try to find a better connection if you're gonna get into torrents. you'll be lucky to get decent speeds with that upload :P

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