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Slow Seeding


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I'm having a problem Seeding my torrents. I'm sure I must have the wrong settings or something. When I'm seeding it doesnt go any faster than like 6.5kb/s

As well the seeding alternates between the torrents I have going for some reason. When the first torrent starts seeding it goes around say 5 kb/s then starts getting slower until its at 0 kb/s then the second torrent starts getting a seeding speed and goes around 5-6 kb/s and then goes slower and goes to 0 kb/s. When thats at 0 the first one starts again. Its been on for at least a day and one of them has only 42.7mb uploaded and the other is 278mb. My ratios are going completely down the hill! :(

WHat settings do I have to change to fix this?


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Sorry I guess I missed alot of info. I'm using Cable on WinXp Pro.

I just did a couple speed tests. They range from 1406/583 to 5424/603 depending on the location.

I dont think there is an upload limit set. I did have it for 40kb/s when seeding goal was met, but I unchecked that. I also had ratio limit set at 100% but changed it to -1 because I read that was unlimited and thought it might fix it but it didnt.

I do have a router (D-Link 524) and have done the port forwarding and it says that it is ok. After reading in the forum I did activate peer.lazy_bitfield and havent seen a change.

I reset my computer, reset my modem.. nothin changes.

thanks for the quick reply.

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Use the Speed Guide, choose the xx/640kbit option.

And how many seeds and peers are there in the swarm?

I couldnt seem to find the speed test there. Which link do I go to? I also have no idea whats good and whats bad, but on one of them it says there is for seeds 0 of 285 connected (401 in swarm) and for peers it says 2 of 57 connected (31 in swarm)

Did you also disable UPnP in your router? That on by default on D-Link routers and may cause problems even if your µTorrent is told not to use it.

What about half-open connections setting in µTorrent?

If you're on Win XP SP 2, have you patched it to handle more than 10 half-open connections at once?

I just disabled UPnP although I'm not sure if it made any difference. And I have no idea what the half-open connections is. I feel dumb. lol I have no idea if my winxp is patched either. I do have SP2. is it a patch from windows or utorrent?

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I fixed the download speeds. I'm getting 250-450kb/s now on average. My upload speeds are pretty slow tho. I dont know if I just didnt put the right settings for that or if theres not enough people to take the file from me.

One problem I'm having tho. I think the speeds are too fast for my modem now. After a while it will lose connection. The popup in the taskbar comes up saying that network connection was lost is reconnecting. Then it will start downloading again after its re-established.

What settings affect that which should I change. I thought I calculated it all right

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