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seeding whit me family whitout uploading to a site ,how?


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hi, i want to upload some files from a camera ,and don't want to do this trough a site ,because everywhan can download it ,and that is not what i want..

i have reed in guide how to ,bet i am not sure if i dit this correct.

here is how i did it:

i have created a new torrent ,and searts for te file i want to uplaod

than by trackers i put the "http://your ip adres:port from utorrent/amuonce"

created the torrent and send this to this person and he added this to his torrent

than i selected start seeding and private deselected

in advandes i set on true "tb_enable_trackers"

and that all i did, but maby i forget something ,i am not sure because it is still not downloads .

he can see one peer and seed, so this must be good.

hoop i did it well

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