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Mac uTorrent feature request--auto-open


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Not sure if this is the appropriate place for feature requests for the Mac version (perhaps there should be a Mac-uTorrent dedicated subforum? [EDIT: thanks, I see there is now!), but here goes. Two feature requests:

1. It'd be nice if we could download a torrent file, and once it's downloaded, have Mac uT start up automatically with the torrent ready to download. As it is now, if I have Mac uT open and download a torrent file, it does get automatically placed into Mac uT....but IIRC, the PC version of uT would actually open itself up if it detected a torrent file download.

2. It'd be also be nice if there was a little more elegant method for picking and choosing which files in a torrent to download. It seems right now that if I want to select certain individual files in a single torrent, I have to open the torrent in Mac uT, highlight the file, go down to the Info screen and click on Files, then highlight the file(s) I want to select, then right-click them, then choose whether to download them or not. The way the other Mac torrent app (which shall remain nameless!) does it is a lot nicer....in that app, when you open your torrent file, you're immediately presented with a list of files in the torrent, all selected by default, and you can quickly select or deselect--including with a "Clear All" button if you want to do inverse selections--which files to download before you start.

Just thinking out loud here.....heck, if you left Mac uTorrent as is, I'd still use it. It's that good already!



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Re 1: I don't think µTorrent/Windows does that. The only way an app can be notified about new torrents is if it's already running. There are no provisions in the os to start an application automatically when a file is downloaded.

Re 2: It's on the list of things to do.

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