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Error: The system cannot find the path specified


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Sorry newbie question here,

I know this has been covered by multiple other posts, but they all seem to be dealing with a downloading problem.

My problem is this:

1. I've downloaded .torrent files onto my desktop

2. Used them to download .mp3's (for example)

2a. After a full download uTorrent starts me as a seeder, which works fine.

3. Then decided to move the mp3's to a different file (My Documents/My Music specifically)

4. Now all the torrents come up with the error in the subject line above.

5. I understand there is a 255 character limit to the path

6. Still I download .torrents to this new path (My Documents/My Music ) fine and download .mp3 to My Documents/My Music, so it doesn't seem to me to be a 255 character problem.

7. It just that everything I downloaded to the desktop before has an "X" next to it and that error.

8. My .torrent files are still on the desktop

How do I "link" my .torrent files with the actual .mp3's or do I even need to do that?

When you are the seeder, what are people actually downloading from you, and do your .torrents + actual files need to be "in sync"?

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