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Proxy support


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I approuve this request... A lot ! It became more and more important every day since internet providers throttled there bandwidth. So ssh workaround is a solution that call a proxy (5 in my case) possibility.

Thanks for considering, even if I think that in the gold or final release it'll be there.

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i want this feature as well. i don't think utor on mac uses the system wide proxy settings, but i don't know how to very accurately check. regardless, you can use proxifier to direct just uTor through a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy. if anyone knows how to do this via the command line, i'd love to hear. i would think there's a way to sandbox an application's network data through a SOCKS proxy or ssh tunnel using some Terminal commands... but i don't know. for now, no more uTor under WINE and X11, long live the Mac client (with proxifier to direct traffic through an encrypted tunnel. is anyone NOT doing this these days?!)


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