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Different locations for downloading versus completed data


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Having the option of separate folders for still downloading data and completed data allows for powerful Automator/Applescript scripts to be written.

For example, with a torrent client that has this feature, I have it currently set up to detect *.mkv files being added to the complete folder, mark them as processed by the script, and have them automatically converted to H.264 in MP4 and added to iTunes for my media center.

There are of course many additional uses for it. Please consider adding this feature to uTorrent Mac.

Thank you for your efforts so far, they are greatly appreciated.


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My post is more regarding having the torrent downloaded to the default download folder, and then moved to a default complete folder when it is done. Not about being able to specify a different folder from the default for downloads when the torrent is added.

Regardless, someone posted the same request yesterday and already got an answer. (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=49895). Thank you!

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