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moving torrents and data to a new hard disk


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I have 300gb of torrents I have download into my special Completed Dowloads folder, and I need to move them to a bigger drive.

I created a new folder on the new drive, changed my settings so that completed torrents now go there. All good.

Then, I copied my old completed torrents and completed files to the new completed torrents folder on the new drive.

I erased all the torrents from utorrent (not the data).

I went to all the completed torrents and opened them in utorrent.

They don't seem to connect to the data, and are in queue to download.

I must have done something wrong, but can't find instructions for this in the faq or the forum. What do you call this? Can you guide me to the instructions?


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Thank you.

And, I searched the FAQ and the Home page - nothing on "migration". What is the url on which to find the migration guide you speak of?

Also, the thread you sent me to suggested right-click/advanced/set-download-location. When I do that, set-download-location is greyed-out.

Still wondering...

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Stop all your torrents before changing the location. How do you want uT continues to dl/ul a torrent if you are moving the data! :)

For the guide, read the steps about autoloading torrents if you have a ton to change the path.:


Anyway the BEncode editor is really great to modify en-masse in one click the path of all your torrents (resume.dat)

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