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uTorrent torrent file bug


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Hi everyone,

I spent two hours yesterday downloading a torrent file , and when the dust had settled, I realized that the file I was downloading had _NOT_ been downloaded after all.

I searched through all the possible file/folder locations but I still could not find the missing file.

I tried again with another torrent, and I recieved the same outcome...

Any suggestions? Help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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I just downloaded the beta yesterday off of mac.utorrent.com/beta.

Before that I had been using the transmission application.

So, unless the beta utorrent released yesterday was a leaked build I don't think I have ever used one.

EDIT: *Fixed* Files found in uTorrent Application Support Folder. After reboot and deleting plist files d/ling to the correct folder (the one specified in preferences).

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