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Verizon High Speed DSL 3 Meg is Doing Crappy on Utorrent


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Ok well here we go. Lately I have been looking to torrent but i did not know how. Luckily my friend recommended Utorrent so at least i had a start. Though when i started torrenting, i checked the seed and peers, 259 seeds 49 peers, thats good, when i started downloading my speeds went up to about 5, then 10 then ultimately up to 25. my highest has been 45 but to me that does not make sense. I port forwared my router, i have checked my isp to see if it was throttling me (wasn't) and i have numerously tried other torrents. Like The one in the speed guide witch was supposedly suppose to show my max speed or so in Utorrent.... It was the same, everything is the same. I get a green connection on the bottom and yet im still getting horrible horrible speeds. If anyone can help me, please help, i am seirously pulling my hair out because of how frustrated i am because my Utorrent speeds are horrible. I will list my specs.

Windows Xp Professional SP2: Yes i have patched it with the Tcp Patch. did nothing T.T

Verizon High Speed DSL 3 Meg or about 375KB down, and around 60 up. It is also wired.

Utorrent V 1.8.1 With These options changed


Port 443

Upnp and Nat with windows firewall exception Ticked.


Upload Speed: 48

Download : Unlimited or 0

Connections , Global :230

Peers Per Torrent : 80

4 Upload slots and the use addition speed ticked.


Everthing ticked except Limit local peer bandwidth and Protocal Encryption Enabled with Legacy connections ticked


Max active torrents 3

Max active downloads 2

Seed Ratio 100%. Nothing else

Schelduler is off

Web Ui Off

Advanced Section is currently untouched but i think soon i will try it.

Please help me on this and i know.... Wall of damn text, but its how i write lol. Thanks for helping me or at least contributing to have helped me on Optmizing Utorrent speeds for me. Man for my utorrent speeds to just stay at a stable 100 KB, i wish!!!!

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Have you tried changing the encryption settings to forced, and dis-allow legacy (unencrypted) connections? Can you checked download speeds from http://slackware.com/torrents/ during different times of the day (You only need to run it 2-5 minutes and can abandon the data when done testing)? Yes .5 Mbit on 3 Mbit down is horrible, but you may just be shaped due to your settings. What kind of connectivity are you getting... you said on that one torrent it had ~250 S and 50 P... how many were you actually connecting to? You don't need alot of connections to maximize download, but you need the right connections.

Are you always uploading ~ 48 KiBps or do you have measurable dips? If you change the speed tab to 30 sec or 5 min intervals, is there a pattern/time you can estimate where your upload suddenly changes?

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Torrents with LOTS of seeds and very few peers are hard to upload on. The few peers you connect to are either hopelessly crippled by their ISP...or their download speed may already be maxed out by the other seeds.

2nd link in my signature gives alternate uTorrent settings based on your max upload.

Something to try is 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds from very BitTorrent-hostile ISPs:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

...It's a last-resort, as it WILL result in worse speeds if not necessary...and may not help. :(

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