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Can I run uTorrent from an external hard drive?


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If you look right above http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_backup_my_settings.3F you see the procedure for making uTorrent self-enclosed and use only the data in that folder. One problem though, it's recommended to do EVERYTHING from the removable drive or no torrents but all the data on the external depending on how you use uT.

Some do everything on the external to ensure you don't get errors with unable to access data problems. So you need to have the drive plugged in to even launch uTorrent. Some however don't like that and instead choose to keep uTorrent and the torrent files on your local drive so it's always accessible and always access the data from the external. In this instance you should be sure to stop all torrents when you remove the external drive. This also means you have to do more changing of Ctrl-P > Directories.

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