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Utorrent´s Version 1.8.1 causes windows` bluescreen Crash


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Hello everyone, I got a laptop Acer Extensa series and I have been a user of utorrent for a long time, few weeks ago i decided to update it to the new version 1.8.1... (the one which the icon is squared and not round anymore). After I updated it, my pc started to crash (blue screen) like 2, 3 times everyday, the diagnosis says its do with wireless adapter which in my case is an Broadcom Wireless adapter but it never found one single problem after computer restart.

I was stupid not to realize this before and actually formatted my pc, well it worked, the problem stopped, UNTIL I INSTALLED THE NEW UTORRENT AGAIN, blue screen started happening all over. I decided to test my theory today to see if i was correct, so i opened my utorrent downloading heroes and other series like i have always done, and about 30secs later the computer had a fatal error A.K.A bluescreen, thats when i concluded utorrent is causing the problem. (when my utorrent is closed it works perfectly)

Some plp may say its something do to with my wireless card, i thought about it as well, but after thinking about it, it hasnt caused me any trouble as long as i had the computer and the older utorrent downloaded just fine, until this new utorrent.

So my request is for the utorrent crew to fix the SERIOUS bug because I´ve already lost 100Gb of data while transfering to backup harddisk when the bluescreen happened before formatting.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks to all, hope this is taken under consideration.

PS: I changing to the older version of utorrent again, hopefully and theoretically it will stop the problem.

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You have broken drivers on your system. A bluescreen means exactly that. It has nothing to do with the torrent client you're running.

Since you said you're using wireless, it's almost certainly the broadcom wireless adapter. Find new drivers for it. Wireless adapters in general are very unstable when using P2P apps.

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i thought about it, but it has never done before with other versions. i looked for newer versions of drivers but couldnt find any! when i diagnose for a problem, it doesnt recognize any.

I just went again to the broadcom´s official website to look for drivers, but its confusing, my adapter is broadcom 802.11g wireless adapter, but when i got to the site i find loadssss of files under the name of BCM....... which ones i download? how do i know which one is mine?

thanks for the help.

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Your card's model name/number might be mentioned under system hardware manager listed under properties of My Computer. Barring that, open your case and look at the card itself for numbers.

Until you sort things out with your network card drivers, you can reduce uTorrent's settings to make crashing far less likely.

...by disabling DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs.

Reducing net.max_halfopen to only 1-4, or leave it at 8 if you're hopelessly firewalled in uTorrent.

Lastly, reduce per-torrent and global max connections to 60 or less.

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