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? Need Confirmation: (Router, UPnP, Random Ports)


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I recently purchased my first router (a D-Link). Things have been going more or less well, but my BT rates are not the greatest; I recently swtiched from BitTornado to uTorrent and am not sure if it's UT or the router that are the problem).

I've done a lot of reading—much more than I would have hoped to do—this week and I need some confirmation (or correction) on a few points.

1. To use p2p apps I will need to set my router to forward ports (in my case by creating "Virtual Servers").

2. I've no way to forward a range of ports + BIOS space is limited=>I can only forward a few ports eg 6000-6010.

3. I will not be able to use random ports options since there's no way to tell the router to open that random port.

4. UPnP is undesirable and I cannot use it anyway.


5. I should assign a single, high-numbered, non-random port to each of my p2p apps and open those ports in my router as a Virtual Server

Then should be able to get high speeds again, regardless of the app or router.

Thanks for any advice.

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