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If I download something via RSS, where does the .torrent file go?


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hi all,

i'm running linux and I need to store all my .torrent files in a folder (/home/my user/RSS Torrents files) for torrents that download from a feed. Preferably (if possible) it would only download the .torrent file, and not the data. I have set up several filters, so they download (or actually don't, I set the scheduler for 24/7 turn off, utorrent can then run in background). I set it up but then couldn't find any .torrent files for the RSS downloads. Can I make it download them if it doesnt?

thanks. Running ubuntu server 8.10 with gnome (hehe, i'm too much of a n00b to go command line only)


EDIT: Though that being said, my TorrentFlux box found it (I still can't...), and is now happily d/ling and u/ling away! Still, the location would be nice. It's checking "/RSS" and "/RSS Torrents" but both folders show up empty. Except at 00:00:10gmt it added it.

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