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µTorrent 1.4 - Not coming to the front


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I have a similar problem. When I use the RSS reader to automatically download a file without specifying a save path while µTorrent is minimized to the tray, I am unable to view the "Add torrent" dialog window. When using Alt+Tab to view open windows, the only entry for µTorrent is "Add new torrent;" however, the main window itself is nonresponsive and there is no way to bring the "Add torrent" dialog to the front. The dialog does seem to respond to shortcut keys however (e.g. pressing Esc will close it and return to the main window).

My settings (General Options) are (the listed options are turned on):

-Check for updates automatically

-Prevent stand-by if there are active torrents

-Show dialog when adding new torrents

-Activate window when adding file

-Always show try icon

-Minimize to tray

-Always activate when clicked

(.torrent associated)

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