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Customize the sorting of the jobs


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In the current version, we can only sort the downloading jobs (I mean in the order that I want), but not all of the jobs.

I think it would be nice if the users can sort the jobs in any order, as we can organize them more clearly.

This feature may be useless for some peoples, but is useful not neccessary for most users in my opinion. Although it is not neccessary, I hope uTorrent can improve itself to suit the needs of the users.

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Using labels can custom the orders of the jobs in anyway.

However it takes time, and sometimes I may want to put a job in between other jobs.

Then it takes much time to reorder them.

However, thanks for all your replies.

Two-level sorting plus labels can act as complement to custom ordering between uTorrent offer this feature(if it would).

Yet I still hope that custom ordering would be implemented.


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I know.

What I meant is

I orginally assigned "1" to "10" to ten different jobs.

I suddenly want to insert a new job in between the fourth and fifth jobs.

I may label the new job as "5", but how can I sort between the new "5" and the old "5"?

The problem would be enlarged if I add further jobs.

This method is applicatable, yet not so convience to the users.

Although this method can satisfy many cases, it is still worse than a completely customizable sorting system.

However, if this feature cannot be added, I would stick with the methods you guys told me.

Really thank you all. Now I at least know more ways in sorting the jobs in uTorrent.

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The way I see it the capacity to "sort" the job list the way we want is of little value.

Let me give you an example.

Right now I have 5 seeding jobs at Utorrent. 3 running and 2 on queue. No downloads at the present time.

I'd like to use the up and down arrow keys to change the order of these 5 jobs, define what is the priority, put a job that is running back on queue and all that stuff. THE SAME WAY I do with download jobs.

And, at least with my knowledge of the software, I can't do it. I tried the Label column and defined a new sort order. The jobs were sorted just fine, but the seeding and queueing didn´t change not even one bit.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.


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