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Seeding large number of torrents: drawbacks?


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently seeding about 1400 torrents. Are there any settings in particular that I should change to allow for seeding this many at once?

I'm running XP and upped the number of simultaneous connections to 10,000 or something in Windows. In uTorrent, I have the global max connections at 600, 100 connected peers per torrent. 6 upload slots per torrent.

I'm noticing that I haven't been uploading much (MB-wise), despite having so many torrents seeding at once.



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Splitting your connection across 1400 torrents could potentially split your total upload speed over FIFTY SIX HUNDRED different ways.

If your internet connection is what I think it is, you will be uploading at single-digit BYTES per second to each peers.

More is FAR from better in that situation.

Until and unless you get a 100mbit upload capable connection (no eastlink doesn't offer it for less than $1400/month) then you should only run 2-3 torrents seeding at a time.

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