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Office Lan Connectivity - No Incoming connections.


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Can please help...

I use Utorrent 1.9.

files are in the downloading status.

Peers are showing as 0

Speed showing as 11.3 kb/s down and 0.2 kb/s up

Pls help

PS : I am not a tech guy. no much knowledge abt IPconfigs and port forwarding. read thru the forums.. couldnt figure out. pls help

Added the screenshots : http://rapidshare.de/files/41036037/Book1.xls.html

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Hi... some success at last... i got i seeder seeding me out of 10000+. now the triangle which says no incoming connections are not coming and niether it is turning green.

getting a d/l of about 13-14 kb/s.

it is strage that no one is seeding out of 10000= seeders

Any ideas why this is so ???

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