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Download Remote to Local [WebUI Suggestion]


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It would be nice for a feature to be implanted into the WebUI to be able to download your files from the Remote PC [the standard client running PC, the one downloading stuff] and access the WebUI via the Local PC [the one you are on, the one you want the files from Remote to].

For example, the user on Local opens the WebUI and sees that his small picture set is 100% downloaded, and he is at work and wants to sample a few images without needing to download the entire set to his work [Local] PC. So in the WebUI, they go to Files -> they see the image they want -> Right Click -> Open. Then the Remote PC sends the file to their Local PC, either though HTTP, or a different kind of protocol that does not require any clients (possibly email?).

I think this is a very good idea and people will like :)

Please reply with your thoughts about it.

~ Hy71194.

Edit: It'd also be sweet to be able to see a Peers list [iP/Host of users connected to your Remote PC] on the WebUI :)

But overall, the WebUI is awesome, and you guys did a nice job on it so far.

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