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Option for using "Incomplete" folder download scheme.


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I was wondering if it would be possible to include such an option. The reasoning behind it is compatibility with a certain other type of sharing programs - DirectConnect :)

They usually have an option to monitor and hash/share everything in a particular folder as its placed there. The problem with uT is that if you try to combine them DC begins trying to hash incomplete downloads.

This being different from "Move completed downloads to:" in the fact that it doesn't leave a mess after itself, where you don't know which is which.

Unlike aforementioned option you still specify DL location, keeping everything tidy, just that incomplete files are kept in a different specific folder until they are ready and can be moved to DL destination.

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The difference is that with this request, completed files don't all get moved to a single directory. Instead, you choose the final directory on addition, which can be in wildly different locations for all torrents. While they're in progress, they stay in that single "incompleted" directory.


- You select temporary location for all torrents, which can be anywhere on the computer

- On completion, the files get moved to the specified completion directory -- one conglomerate location


- You select the final location for all torrents, which can be anywhere on the computer

- While incomplete, torrents are downloaded to the temporary location -- one conglomerate location

- On completion, the files each get moved to their respective locations (the locations selected when the torrent job was added, which can be anywhere on the computer)

It's a slightly different organization scheme -- that's all.

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Not sure (I don't know if this feature will even be considered, really).

I can see it going either way -- global, or per label. Really, though, I would lean toward global, as it doesn't really make too much sense to have a separate temporary directory for each label.

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Hooray... got admin approval :P

I hope it finds its way in version 1.9 :)

And I meant it as a global setting, just like the other two.

Just to mention this in case it isn't already obvious - implement it on a file basis - that is, as soon as a file is finished - move it (waiting for the entire torrent to DL would be just stupid).

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Just wanted to put a vote in for this feature, but for different reasons.

I have my music automatically sync to my mp3 player, and frequently it will attempt to sync unfinished music I'm in the process of grabbing.

My current organization is to save music torrents to my music folder and video torrents to my video folder, this allows my desktop to be organized but continue to seed.

An ideal solution would be to have an "incomplete" folder option just like there is a finished torrents option. Then when you start a new torrent it asks where to save it, you pick the final destination. The torrent would start in the incomplete folder choosen in settings, then migrate to the final folder upon completion.

Thank you for your consideration.

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+1 for what Brothernod said.

About once a week my computer hangs because of this problem.

The incomplete folder would also be a good way of keeping track of what has been completed without looking in uTorrent.

uTorrent is btw a very nice program. Very appreciated.

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