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some weird stuff with forwarding ports


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im user of the latest version and i have an encore IEEE 802.11g router

and i have been having problems with speed for a long time.

i have done many things to solve the speed problem:

- excluded Utorrent.exe from IMON on NOD32

- Optimized settings for my conection

- patched windows to allow more conectionsç

- TRYED to forward ports

and my problem is about this lastone,

i forward ports on my router and then make the exam to see if the port is forwarded correctly and this is what happens


as you can see there is a different IP on the test and anotherone on the forwarded pors in the router.

ive tryed lots of diferent ports but noone works.

what can i do?

Thanks in advance :]

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Because in your router you use the local IP of your computer to create the rule about port forwarding.

And the port forwarding test sees your WAN IP (given by your ISP) and tests the port.

So it's normal.

Anyway IMON is buggy with uT, you should disable it and try to the test again.

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I hope someone here can help me. I was downloading a file the other day and was trying to increase the speed and tried quite a few of the tips in the forum.

And now I've messed my PC up - something with the ports (I tried adjusting the port forwarding, but maybe made a mistake?). I get kicked off-line by my browser after 10 minutes. It's not the router or ISP or connection because I took my laptop to an internet cafe and the same thing happened. For some reason my Outlook and Skype still work fine, but browser cannot look up pages after 10 minutes.

I thought it was something in the port settings on utorrent. So I uninstalled utorrent to see if that would reset things. Didn't work. Neither did a system restore. And I really, really, don't want to reinstall my operating system.


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Aguled, did you do anything else?

I have the same problem, except that the port that is tested by Utorrrent is one that I can not locate any other way. Not through ipconfig, not through my router, firewall, windows..I have no idea where it is coming from.

I used the directions at Portforward.com and according to those directions, I have established a static IP.

Anybody have ideas on how I can get Utorrent to check any of the ip addresses I CAN find, and not this one that only Utorrent seems to know about?

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