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Hey, I'm with Virgin Media, and I ran a speed test.

Im around 50 miles from the nearest internet server. (maidenhead)

Speed test Results:

D/L speed: 1956 kbps

Upload Speed: 190 kbps

ISP: Virgin Media

Ping: 11 ms

So, I'm pretty newby when it comes to torrents, and Im trying to download a certain torrent that has a file size of around 8gigs.

The most I'm reaching is 32 kB/s

is there any way I can speed it up?

Note: I dont think I have a firewall, and if I do, it's a windows firewall.

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Disable in uTorrent: DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and resolve IPs.

Set outgoing encryption to Enabled or FORCED.

Test both enabled and disabled incoming legacy connections to see which is best.

In advanced settings, set net.max_halfopen to 4 if it was previously 8...or back to 8 if you raised it higher.

2nd link in my signature - 192 kilobits/second upload speed settings for the rest of uTorrent's settings. If you want to allow 2 downloading torrents at once, that's ok...but each one may be slower than just 1 at a time.

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In a nutshell, tries to hide from the sensors your ISP uses to detect and disrupt BitTorrent traffic.

And lastly to not try to upload faster than your connection will bear, as doing so has nasty consequences even if there is no BitTorrent disruption done by your ISP.

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