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Utorrent pretty much shuts down my connection - very slow browsing...


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I've been using utorrent 181 for a while, but a few days ago i had 2 pc crashes causing a reboot with reset key while u torrent was open.

Now, whenever I turn it on i can't use internet- browsing -email etc. Feels slower than 33.6 modem. Utorrent works fine but everything else doesnt function correctly, even when i have 0 transfer speeds in utorrent. I'm using 3/8 of bandwith on uploads like before but even if speeds are 0 with no activity going on, my internet is still slow.

Whenevr i turn utorrent off i have perfect speeds again... I deleted settings files and reinstalled utorrent- same thing again. I'm wondering what could've went wrong...

I don't have any routers or anythig like that- direct connection to internet on xp sp3

Thanks in advance!

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