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what is the extra "icon" file that downloads with torrents?


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hi there.

somewhat of a newbie here, so this may seem like a stupid question, but here goes:

i recently set up my brother's laptop for him to use utorrent. he did have vuze, which i wasn't familiar with, and he found frustrating, so i put utorrent on there instead so i could help him. after much digging, i finally found how to make utorrent the default program - LOL!

now my only question is this: with both vuze and utorrent, an extra file downloads with each new torrent. it appears in the download folder right beneath the torrent file as an icon (with vuze, each torrent would show an extra file with the blue frog, with utorrent, each torrent shows an extra file as a green square with with the white u. what is this extra file? i don't receive these files when i use my own computer at home (utorrent). is there a way to avoid downloading them? i tried looking in the "open" window when requesting a download in order to check off which files we want to download and skip others, but the extra file appears almost as though it is piggy-backed onto the torrent file.

ps - don't know if it makes a difference, but his laptop uses vista - i'm used to xp.


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