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Changing Icon color in taskbar


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Total newbi here.

Been struggling with the port forwarding thing and have never got my defined port to open. Is there a default port that utorrent uses, or does it use the one I define?

2nd question.

For some reason while I was downloading, the yellow triangle (that is usually there) suddenly changed to a green check mark. While my mouse hovered over this icon a messege popped up. It said "Your connection is working as it should be, or something like that. Then later, it was a yellow triangle again.

Any help?----------------Thank you.

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Don't bother for 'port' stuff because utorrent automatically does that for you. If, for any reason, you want to check what port number is being used, go to 'Options>Preferences>Connection' and it is listed there. You can even change it your whim, but I won't recommend that if you don't need it for something specific.

Yellow triangle means something is wrong with your connectivity with other peers. Most probable reason for this might be the firewall. Read the online help carefully. If still unresolved, come again.

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