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Error on Port Forwarding & UPnP - Followed router's manual exactly


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I'm going to be honest, I am not exactly experienced with networking and configuring my router's settings. I have looked all around though and have yet to be able to fix it.

I am getting a MAX of 160 kB/s (Ubuntu speed test download)

I am currently getting a reddish colored exclamation point on the bottom of uTorrent and the port test on the speed guide is saying my port is blocked. I have tried everything I can think of and read but I cannot get it forwarded.


Windows XP updated fully SP2

uTorret 1.8.1

Port: 42693

ISP: Verizon Fios (they are not throttling it)

Router: Actiontec mi424wr

Security: Kaspersky fully updated

Static IP Adressed

I have enabled UPnP on my router: (settings below)

(Enabled) Allow Other Network Users to Control Wireless Broadband Router's Network Features

(Enabled) Enable Automatic Cleanup of Old Unused UPnP Services

WAN Connection Publication: Publish All WAN Connections

I have forwarded all incoming TCP connections to port 42693. (Or actually, I havn't done this because simply because it is the root of my problem)

I have a static IP address...

I can post pictures of my router settings for further clarification.

Any other information I am missing that can help to resolve my closed port problem please ask for. I will respond rather quickly (except for the next 12 hours, I am at school/sleep)

And once again, I have looked all over but I am unable to see what I have forgotten or incorrectly done.

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