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Multiple Instances of uTorrent


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I would like to run multiple instances of uTorrent. After searching this forum I have figured out that adding a /RECOVER after the target line in the shortcut makes it happen. but the problem is that the second instance is also choosing the same settings.dat file present in the folder %APPDATA%.

I would like to use a separate settings.dat file for the second instance of uTorrent and i would like to save it in the folder for the second utorernt.exe file.

How exactly can i do this?

Could someone please help me out? i am using WinXP pro SP2 and latest uTorrent version.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have created a blank settings.dat file in the installation directory of second uTorernt.exe, but as I double click on the shortcut corresponding to the second uTorrent.exe file (with /RECOVER parameter added) it does not use the new blank settings.dat file but uses the original settings.dat file present in the %appdata% folder. :?:

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