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upload speed issues


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So very strange situation here I can't get a good up speed for a few sites that i have been using for years with utorrent but download speed is fine. I seem to be ABLE to get good up speeds because I DO get them from 'other' sites. But more often than not I cannot get a good up off of these one or two sites I am referring to as using for years. Most times the torrents are heavily seeded and i am only connecting to three or four peers (as is what is presently happening) and barely giving them anything avg. 5-10kbs/s. Now when I do the port forwarding test I get error Port 37384 does not appear to be open.

How can this not be opened when i can get blazing download speeds and pretty good ups on certain sites?

I have tried a bunch of different suggestions but to no avail not even sure what they all were at this point

This has been confusing me for months and would love some advice.

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