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Firewall problem And Solution!!!!!!!


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Hi, i just want to share this with those who might have this problem and i hope this isn't old hat for you all

I have a new ISP, and of course, 1st thing i did was run uTorrent,and i got the RED icon meaning the firewall blocks uTorrent.... i played with the router but to no avail, as it was configured correctly

in a desperate attempt i simply told the XP SP2 firewall to forget the rule it had to allow uTorrent to pass throu the firewall, and when i run uTorrent next, i got the normal dialog box saying if i want to block uTorrent or not (the normal XP firewall dialog) and then i told it to allow uTorrent and it WORKS again!!!!!! green icon

i do not pretend to understand this, but for all you pros who helpothers, just keep this in mind

of course, i have the latest uTorrent (1.8.1 build 12639) and nothing more to say

have fun you all

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