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Speed problems, help please.


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Hi there. Nice little forum you have.

I have a BT Homehub (firewall disabled), speedtest ran

6230 kbps download

260 kbps upload

Torrent I'm trying is about 7gb big, generally was uploading about 50 kb/s but only downloading at 20-40 kb/s or so whilst connecting to around 50 out of 120 seeds.

I'm honestly REALLY retarded with torrents but I'm pretty sure I should be going much much faster. What are the proper settings I should have for the 'number of connections' and upload rate? I looked at that guide and got really confused

Incoming port is 45682 UpNp/NAT-PMP/Windows firewall exception are ticked.

Both DHT/LPD are ticked.

Number of active downloads/torrents; 60 and 63

net.max.halfopen is at 6

If you could help me sort this out and get my settings right it would be VERY much appreciated. I don't know how on Earth this works.


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The extreme instructions are more complex than that. :(

Such as running in firewalled mode, removing tracker URLs from the torrent, and manually adding ip+port addresses. ...even alternating with net.max_halfopen set to 0 and 1-8.

Lastly, you might need to test running through a proxy or VPN.

Unfortunately, BT Central may just be throttling EVERYTHING that's encrypted.

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