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Green Light On No Speed On a Fast Line Ports Forwarded Too


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Hey guys im using Vista 32bit, utorrent was fine while i was on a 1500\256 line and now im on a 13000\764 line i cant seem to get even close to the same speeds as i used to. I used to get 157kb on 1500 line and now on the 13000 line i can only get max of 80kb.. My ports are forwarded properly, i have a GREEN smiley face I cant understand it as peers are 23 and seeds at 98... I should be getting like 300kbs at least.. Any suggestions are very welcomed as i am very confused and annoyed at this..

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Hi Switech, I did try those links that you mentioned above and still the same i cannot seem to get past 40kbs.

Im so baffled about this as when before on 1500 line i had steady 157kbs and now that i have a mega fast line i get really really poor speeds...

I have no idea what else to do as today i even formatted my hdd and still the same.. I even called my ISP to see if they were throttling peer to peer but they dont...

Checked that with one of the links in forum.. GLASNOST: Said all ok..

Still the happy little green smiley face looking at me...

Have tried turning DHT, UpNp\NAT Mapping Ect Off, Forced Encryption And played with the incoming legacy connection setting to no avail...

This is the status of my linksys am300 modem:

DSL Status: UP

DSL Modulation Mode: Auto

DSL Path Mode: FAST

Downstream Rate: 13148 Kbps

Upstream Rate: 1023 Kbps

Downstream Margin: 8 db

Upstream Margin: 10 db

Downstream Line Attenuation: 31

Upstream Line Attenuation: 16

Downstream Transmit Power: 21

Upstream Transmit Power: 12

LOS Errors: 0

PVC Status: UP

Encapsulation: RFC 2516 PPPoE

Multiplexing: LLC

Autodetect: Disable

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

This is settings currently used for uTorrent:

Maximum Global UPLOAD rate: 80

Global Maximum Number Of Connections: 600

Maximum Number Of Connected Peers: 100

Number Of Upload Slots per Torrent :6

Net.max_halfopen Set: 8

Hope this info helps cause im sooo stuck...

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AHA, Nah I had great settings as it was and im so peeved that i actually formatted hdd

(taking so long to put it all back) as i have found out that Westvic are throttling BitTorrent software

because of somethings they promised Mt Gambier customers that they cannot deliver.

Without throttling a few things and Bittorrent is one of them...

Peeved that i actually asked yesterday and they lied.. Oh well now i know..

Anyways the problem will be fixed in next couple of days so i will just have to put up with it untill then..

Im very literate about all of this, thats why it was doing my head in so much..

Thanks for all your help and effort Switech it was very much appreciated.


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If you are throttled to some set value, you'll get a tiny bit more speed if less bandwidth is spent making and maintaining more connections.

For instance, if they limited you to 30 KB/sec...

With 100 total connections, you might reach ~20 KB/sec.

With 25 connections, you might reach ~25 KB/sec.

With 5 connections, it would be highly variable and depend on the quality of the seeds/peers...so 0-30 KB/sec.

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