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How to instruct utorrent to fill "MD5SUM" field ?


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uT doesn't care about many unofficial extensions, but it doesn't barf on unsupported ones. This one is probably due to the ambivalence about multi-network torrents... uT isn't a file searcher, it only cares about torrents, INFOHASHes of the data, not the data itself.

Add your own information with http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306

Procedure: Download BFE, Open BFE, load torrent, browse to info (d)

Create a new key (child), title it MD5SUM , paste in output from a md5 creator like dsmd5 (my choice, it's 6 KiB!!!--homepage) fsum or fsum-frontend

Torrentspy was the best creator until the BFE came around, I create torrents with uT, and modify with BFE.

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