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Download and upload suddently drop


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Hello , i was download during about 3hrs at 600 kB/s and when i came back to my pc i was stuck at max 50 , and now it's event worst ... around 25KB/s

i restarted everything no luck , desisnstall reinstal utorrent ... still no luck .

*I'm under a router *siemens efficient speedstream6250 , i'm downloading torrent until a year and never had problem before

any idea?




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Well i have a company connection , the connection sucks balls but i never got this probleme before at any time of the day

my connection is always stable, i tested my connection during my utorrent was open so .....

You are altho because when i woke up this morning i was downloading my last torrent at 300kB/s and uploading at my max upload because my setting was all default

but what setting should i change for that , to help my speed?

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Prior to my fudging around with my modem and u Torrent program. I was getting great download speeds, up 1.5MB but on average 700+kb/sec.

I'm sure there is throttling but regardless I had things set up pretty good.

I'm looking for the best settings to plug back into the U Torrent program's "option" "preferences".

Is there a link to give instructions for the idle settings for Windows 7 and my tested speeds?


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Idle settings? What do you mean?

Your ISP is fully in control...and will even disrupt and throttle unknown traffic.

They hardly care what the purpose of your packets are.

They proved this in their treatment of TekSavvy and other smaller ISPs who had to co-locate with them -- they were disrupting *THEIR* traffic also!

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The only way i have seen work so far for me was to change my IP address. It will work till they find you again I guess. It has taken them 8 months to throttle me back this time. So, guess it time for a new IP address again unless i can find a different cure. Just changing your port is to good of an idea as they know exactly what IP addess is using up all their so called bandwith....They are all crooks......

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