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U torrent cannot connect


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dear all :

i've been using uttorent for a year and i had no problem before but since 2 weeks ago i found the problem with utorrent connection .

im not sure but i think after i installed norton internet security 2008 this was happend althogh my firend also installed the same norton but still he is able to use his utorrent with no problem.

the problem is the red sign appeard next to my torrents fils and stoped downloading , in the DHT part it shows waiting for login and in the trackers status it shows no connection , i uninstalled norton and also i uninstalled utorrent and remove all the setting from windows fire wall also , and deleted all the files in utorrent folder in %AppData% and installed the utorrent again and ticked the firewall exception .

i gone throwgh all forums but i couldnt find the solution . is any can help me on this ?

i think this could be a firewall problem but how can i fix it? my friend downloading with the same router as im downloading too with no problems.

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You need to configure your FW. Check if NIS 2008 has an exception about uT and if it doesn't block the port.

If the rule is not correct, erase it and readd it manually.

NIS 2008 has a learning system when it is fresh installed. Maybe you can use it again with uT.

Anyway set manually your FW, it's better.

Check too Windows Defender even if it has been turned off.

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