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Smart episode filter improvement - Allow higher resolution to download


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As I understand the smart episode filter allows for proper and repacks to be downloaded if an episode has already been downloaded. In addition to that the filter should allow an episode to be re-downloaded if it has a higher resolution/quality than the one already downloaded. Assuming of course that the resolution/quality is selected in the RSS options for the current show

For example:

If an Series.S01.E01.HDTV has already been downloaded and then suddenly Series.S01.E01.720P appears then the 720p version should be downloaded as well if checked in the RSS options. And if 1080p should appear, that should override 720p and so on...

Why not just check 720p and never bother with HDTV you ask? Because all episodes are not always available in 720p and is thats the case sometimes HDTV will have to do...

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

I've started to get my feed on recently, and this exact thing is the only thing I miss, and I feel it's an important one!

Like Treador says, some releases are HDTV only, or even DSR. This would allow us to, if desired, let higher quality be prioritized. So if my filter says "Download [sHOWNAME] in HDTV. If 720p shows up, download it and delete HDTV", I would be happy!

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