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help port forwarding


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how does the process go when you have to forward through 2 routers?

i have a Linksys WRT54G v.7 router (not a version with the particular problem mentioned in a sticky thread)

and a Siemens speedstream 4200 modem

now i have to port forward through both of these, I think I'm having trouble with the modems forwarding. I have read and followed the Port forward guide to forwarding each of those and it doesn't seem to help.

When Setting port Forwarding in the modem, do i forward the IP address of my computer( or the IP address of the router( I have tried either way and it doesn't seem to fix my NAT problem? i can't forward both cause the modem wont let me.

Which do i forward PC's IP? or ROUTERS IP?

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Okay, i have now set my static IP address to and have set DHCP's on both the Router and the Modem to start at

but I'm still not getting port forwarding :(


here's a pic to show how crap my connection is

UPDATE: just plugged straight into the modem, got green lighted, so the router is the problem. or the signal coming from modem to router

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