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incorrect upload reporting?


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Or it's lost bandwidth somewhere.

Or maybe i'm not quite understanding what was done to 1.8.1

Up until recently i haven't had a problem with my upload speed, throttled or otherwise... (it's easy to tell when my isp throttles BT, my max up is 22 kB/s ...120 otherwise)

anyhow, the bandwidth program i have matched up with utorrent pretty well until 1.8.1

utorrent gives from 26 kB/s to 30 ish, but my bandwidth program says utorrent is using 37 - 60 rangeing more in the 48-50 spots.

is utorrent sending more info to the tracker now and not peers?

upon stopping utorrent everything falls to near zero... 110 bps

ho yeah...

dht is off , as well as peer exchange, and ask tracker for scrape

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Change it to default (press RESET)... see what happens.

Why did you change that setting? (If it was to get faster speeds read http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php If you don't understand why I suggest this, I would suggest you reprimand yourself--a slap on the wrist, and read the setup guide again) It sounds like you have .5Mbit upload, is this correct? Are your Ctrl-G settings xx/512??

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not upload is actually 1 Mbit, i can get 120, but not lately, can't remeber if that's when it started to happen.

I did that so i could connect to peers faster, which seemed to work, maybe this is a side effect of that...

(and having lots of torrent open @ same time ..hmmm...)

what is the default again?

and reset, as in reset the machine or just close and restart the program?

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Apologies, press reset for the Advanced net.max_halfopen option which you changed. You see * next to 80, pressing reset will change it to 8 the default number.

It is true a higher half open connects to peers faster. But think about that, if it takes 5 seconds currently, and lowering the rate to "normal" takes 10x that, what do you lose? I anticipate what you gain is all that overhead, but I asked you to reset it to be sure first.

Half open @ 8 isn't even necessary for fastest torrenting, there are helpers here who run VERY low numbers (0, 1, or 2) but I just run default.

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+Well that made it a little closer, overhead still seems to be around 10-20 kB/s though, seems a little high, i thought it was more around 3-4 kB/s but i am running 49 torrents right now, all though only 4 or 5 are transfering any data(too many seedboxes these days)

maybe my program updates faster than utorrent? or is utorrent more of an average than a snapshot of transfer?

just trying to understand more

dropped it down to 2, over head went down further, only 6-8 off now, spikes every once in a while, but i'm guessing it updating the trackers @ that time.

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