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D/C when uTorrent and MMO runs together.


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Good Day,

Recently I have been having Problems running uTorrent with the MMO (Final Fantasy XI) that I am playing. Whenever I run both together, my MMO will D/C after less than 5 mins of 'play'. This Happens even when I only have uTorrent running in the Background with no Downloads Active. The Details are as follows.

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

Torrent: uTorrent V1.8.1

MMO: Final Fantasy XI

Loaction: Singapore

Net Speed: ADSL 10Mbps

halfopen hacked to 100

Settings for uTorrent

Global Upload: 20

Max Connections: 1000

Max Connection per Torrent: 990

Max upload slots: 50

Max Active torrents: 9

Max number of active Download: 3

net.max_halfopen: 20

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Back with a new problem.

I have been getting EXTREME SLOW Speeds.

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32Bit Service Pack 2

Torrent: uTorrent V1.8.3

Loaction: Singapore

Net Speed: ADSL 10Mbps

I am using a 1Mbit setting from the Speed guide.

My Total Downloading speed is less than 50kB/s. There are an average of 500 seeds for each torrent. The speeds recently dropped.

I use to get 1MB/s downloads. The Speeds I am getting is ridiculous.

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Your upload speed, even under perfect conditions would probably not be over 120 KiloBYTES/second...and chances are your ISP is throttling it to death.

What results do you get from speed tests of your line, both down and up?

(Try speed tests to locations overseas as well, to see the difference between "local" connections and "very remote" internet ones!)

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No, that is not normal...your speed tests show an insanely low upload value!

0.09 megabit/sec?! That's about 10 KiloBYTES/sec upload max!

And your download's barely breaking 1 megabit/sec!

...So much for having a 10 megabit/sec download ADSL connection! :(

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