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utorrent kills my connection when I'm seeding more than 3000 torrents.


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My 30/30 fiber connection will go completely down very briefly (disconnecting all computers in the house) every few minutes if I'm seeding more than ~3000 torrents with utorrent.

Is this a known, hard limitation of the software or is there anything I can do to prevent it?

I'm currently using utorrent 1.7.7 build 8179 but have had this problem with earlier versions as well. I have not tried updating to the most recent version.

Global maximum number of connections 750,

maximum number of connected peers per torrent 50,

number of upload slots per torrent 8.

8 Half open.

Enabled options: NAT-PNP port mapping, Local Peer Discovery and Ask tracker for scrape information, everything else disabled.

These settings have worked well up until the ~3000 mark.

I'll appreciate any help!

- zuup

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You don't seed 3000 files simultaneously... What are your queue and the missing Ctrl-G settings?

With scrape enabled but Ctrl-P > Advanced >bt.scrape_stopped disabled only active or queued torrents are scraped. Even though it's only tracker communications with some trackers unable to multi-scrape this can... cause periods of unresponsiveness.

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Thank you, I've updated to v1.8.1 (build 12639) and attempted to change the settings according to the suggestions I've seen and my problems with frequent disconnects appears to be gone. However now I'm experiencing the same problems reported in this thread - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=48561

After a few hours all my torrents go into an endless phase of "updating...".

At the end of this post there's a picture of the speed tab in utorrent and typically both upload and download stop completely and never recover (in the picture there is some traffic but that just happened to be the screenshot I had available at the time).

I just restarted the client now after having about 6 hours with absolutely no traffic at all and all torrents stuck in the "updating..." process.

I'm using Nod32 antivirus systems and ZoneAlarm Pro version 7.0.483.000

utorrent settings below.















Like these two pictures of the speed tab shows, utorrent works alright for a while, then as more and more torrent get locked in the "updating..." game traffic stops entirely.



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Well, I've used utorrent on this connection for about a year and up until I upgraded the client and changed the settings I never had any problems getting steady traffic, I've had the connection maxed out for days, so even though it may be my local networking in some way it's still very clearly affected by either/or:

a) the update from utorrent 1.7.7 to 1.8.1

B) the changed utorrent settings.

If theres any other information I could provide to further investigate this problem I'd be very grateful for the help.


enabling uPnP gave me back my traffic and the frequent disconnects have not yet returned. Traffic still seems slow overall but the "updating..." problem seems fixed.


After a few more hours traffic again withers to nothing and "updating..." reappears.

Disabling uPnP gives no (immediate) response.

Restarting the client and traffic restarts, full throttle.

"updating..." disappears.

I guess it's as simple as this:

1.8.1 appears to randomly work/not work as intended if you change some settings.

I'll try another client.

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