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UDP tracker protocol


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Hi there,

does µtorrent supports the UDP tracker protocol? Azureus is already supporting this wonderfull new protocol (saves a lot traffic!). :|

OpenTracker, the most used Public Tracker [MRTG] (!) - also used by The Pirate Bay - supports and invented this feature and it would help to save a lot traffic.

The UDP tracker protocol uses (less than) 50% of the bandwidth the HTTP tracker protocol uses. And because UDP is stateless, limits to the number of (open) TCP connections a router or server can handle, do not apply.


Also, using this could help to establisch more trackers on normal hosters (like server4you etc) which don't disconnect your machine from the internet 8 times a day because they think you are getting an DDoS attack (really happend to me!).

Best regards,


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